Improving Natural Fertility

Discover How You Can Naturally Improve Your Fertility & Chances of a Successful Pregnancy

Wherever possible, I advise my patients on using natural methods to improve fertility and conception. Regardless of what your previous experience with infertility may be, my team and I are here to help you throughout your pregnancy journey, and achieve as much of that as possible through natural techniques and treatments.

Ovulation Tracking

Helping women and couples understand fertility and allowing them to optimise their natural fertility is a passion of mine. I offer education and instruction as to when the time for maximum fertility happens in every couple. Ovulation is a key element, which must occur in order to conceive. Some women even with regular cycles, struggle to identify their fertile window and this itself causes anxiety and stress.

Regular intercourse is the best way to increase your natural fertility. For those who find it hard to do, identifying your fertile window may be of benefit.

Sperm lasts 4-5 days in the female’s reproductive tract, whereas eggs last 24 hours to be fertilised by sperm.

In ovulation tracking procedures when your close to your ovulation time, you will undergo an ultrasound scan to pinpoint the precise time of ovulation.

Identifying the Fertile Window

There are a few methods in identifying the Fertile Window.

The ‘Calendar Method’
The ‘Calendar Method’ involves taking 14 days out of the length of the menstrual cycle to calculate the day of ovulation. Leading up to ovulation is when the body is most fertile.

Using Apps
An increasing number of tech savvy modern women are using apps to predict their cycle and their fertile window. Apps are great for women who have incredibly predictable and regular cycle lengths with pattern recognition. If your cycle varies more than 2 days in length, this may not be accurate or suitable for you.

Basal Body Temperature
Basal Body Temperature is a detection of a subtle rise in temperature post-ovulation.

Cervical Mucus
Checking for cervical mucus is an inexpensive and effective way of monitoring ovulation. In many cases, patients need confidence and a helping hand to make them not lose faith.